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Individual Treatment Plan

managing your back or neck pain takes expertise;

and Ireland's premier spinal rehabilitation solution

The majority of back and neck patients we see have been referred to DBC from their Orthopaedic Spinal or Neurosurgical Consultants. However, we also see patient's who are referred by their GP, Occupational Physician or indeed self-refer.

So what does a Baseline Assessment entail?

We believe that the results of our Baseline Assessment give the most comprehensive and specific overview of your back or neck condition. It gives us the information we need to compare where you are now versus where we need to get to in order to return normal movement, function and improve your pain. Here is an overview of what our 1-hour assessment consists of:



Objective measures (Range of Movement, Muscle Endurance using EMG etc.) help us to classify your condition, as well as giving us a starting point for your treatment plan.

The great thing about numbers is that they also allow us to monitor your progress and adjust your treatment through a rehab program.

A baseline back or neck assessment takes 1 hour with a member of our spine-specialist team.

after taking your history & Listening to your story, we complete a full clinical assessment which includes an in-depth look at The biomechanics of your spine

we then move to our rehab gym for some measurements & Tests

We then sit down to discuss the results & start the process of treatment planning & Goal Setting with you

What does a Back or Neck Program Look Like?

Following your assessment, we develop a treatment plan specific and individual to you. Treatment sessions are 45 mins to 1 hour long and are predominantly exercise-based - using our devices to get your spine moving and safely activate your muscles. Our Chartered Physiotherapists use manual therapy and various other adjunct modalities to support our active rehabilitation approach. The program is supplemented with a home exercise routine, which helps to support and speed up your rate of improvement.



Outcome Assessment

This of course depends on the issue you have, how long it has been going on and whether or not you are a post-operative patient. To give an example, our average chronic back or neck pain patient attends for 12 x 1 hour rehabilitation sessions.

How many sessions do patient's typically need?

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I'm booked in for an Assessment, what do I need to bring with me?

The Baseline Assessment is not too complicated! But do see this checklist to make sure you have all the information we need so you can get the most our of the assessment:

  1. Your referral letter (if you have one)
  2. Your MRI scan CD(s) and Report(s)
  3. Loose fitting clothes for your clinical assessment & any measurements we need to take

The specialist equipment we have allows us to measure your mobility, and more importantly isolates movement so we can stop you cheating or compensating. At the very heart of what we do is the restoration of your movement, strength and function. The medical devices we have speed up that process by assisting you in moving properly.

We can also use them to strengthen and isolate particular muscles which may be impaired, injured or wasted. We combine the best technology to monitor and evaluate your progress with facts and figures. Combined with the expert eye of our specialist Chartered Physiotherapists team, we work to get you back to normal!

Why do you need machines to assess and treat patients?