Karl Fullam

Lead Clinician
DBC Belfield

MSc (Sports Medicine), BPhysio, MISCP

Karl Fullam

Karl is presently the Manager and Lead Clinician in DBC Belfield in University College Dublin. Throughout his PhD studies Karl worked clinically in DBC, he has been a member of the team for over 10 years. His PhD research was on elite athletes looking at dynamic balance and its association to injury prediction in the lower limb focusing on the ankle joint.

Given his extensive research in lower limb injury, Karl has subsequently developed an expert Foot and Ankle assessment, pre-surgical and rehabilitation program. Karl has forged personal relationships with some of the foremost Musculoskeletal Foot and Ankle Specialists and Surgeons in the Dublin region

Karl has also completed his specialist biomechanical training with The Orthotic Group (TOG). The process of assessment involves a digital  gait scan using a highly sensitive force platform which measures how each part of the foot works & distributes weight in standing & walking.  He will then manually assess each foot incorporating the latest research into foot and ankle analysis. He then compiles this data and with the TOG lab in Cookstown will build a custom orthotic.

Along with his clinic role Karl has worked extensively in elite sport. His most recent posts were as the FAI U15 National Team Physiotherapist and the Head Physiotherapist with UCD Rugby’s first XV AIL Team. He now directs physio care for the UCD EAA, GAA, Rugby and Soccer programs. 

He has published and presented extensively worldwide and continues to be involved in research in UCD, currently he is working on a project between UCD and Aspertar. He also acts as peer reviewer on The Journal of Sports Rehabilitation and the Journal of Athletic Training. Since starting his role in DBC and his extensive specialist training, Karl has developed a strong interest in complex back and neck pain patients. Understanding, diagnosing and ultimately treating these patients. He still is involved in lower limb research in UCD. He is also involved in the education of undergraduate Physiotherapy and Health and Performance Science students.

  • DBC lumbar spine specialist assessments
  • DBC cervical spine specialist assessments
  • Low back pain – acute and chronic
  • Neck pain – acute and chronic
  • Complex ankle and foot injuries
  • Sports injuries and the return to sport process
  • Running related injuries and running gait training
  • Post-operative knee, hip and shoulder rehabilitation

UCD Belfield: Tues – Fri

  • DBC lumbar spine specialist assessment: €140
  • DBC cervical spine specialist assessments: €140
  • Consultant referral Assessment: €140
  • Assessment: €75
    Treatment Session: €70

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