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Orthotics is at the very centre of many injuries as well as the most unexplained aches and pains. The failure to fully understand the science or it’s implications is one of the most common reasons why people have unresolved pain.

The science

We are experts at DBC Physiotherapy in the assessment of biomechanics and in the prescription of orthotics. We use orthotics or insoles as part of the treatment of a number of injuries and complaints.

We use our specialist GaitscanTM equipment which is a highly sensitive force plate, to asses your feet, lower libs and walking both dynamically and statically, so as to diagnose and address any issue tat you might have. 

Our physiotherapists who perform the orthotics assessment are all specialists in the area and have undergone significant post-graduate training to develop their expertise. 

Orthotic prescription

At DBC, we are excellently placed as physiotherapists to assess the foot, lower limb and person as a whole, to then decide if you are appropriate for out range of services. 

This range of services include:

  • Custom Made Orthotics
  • Off the shelf Orthotics
  • Additions to existing insoles or shoes
  • Prescription of corrective exercises
Orthotics work by changing your foot & body’s posture and alignment. By changing the position of your foot we can alter stress and strain on the joints and muscles in your body. Your body will take time to adjust to the new orthotics, once you can tolerate the orthotics for a full day, you can consider using them during prolonged walking or exercise. Consult with your physio for specific advice on using your orthotics while exercising. 
You may experience aches and feelings of fatigue in different parts of your body as you adapt to the orthotics. Custom orthotics will need to be used alongside physoi treatment and an exercise program to yield the best results. 

Our Service in the Eyes of Our Patients

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