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The key to great treatment outcomes is expert clinical assessment, accurate diagnosis and a solid rehabilitation plan that fits your needs and sports-specific demands. Explore our Sports Medicine practice below. See what we can do to help you with our sports-specific physiotherapy specialists and our expertise across the wide spectrum of sports related injury and post-operative rehabilitation.

Low back pain

We have over 16 years experience as a centre of excellence in Back Rehab

Neck Pain

Our unique approach works from professional rugby to chronic neck pain

Sports Specific Rehab

Our team has a wide range of expertise across many sports


Shoulder pain is 2nd only to spine in incidence. We have the experts to help

Hip & Groin

We have been at the forefront of pioneering hip & groin rehabilitation


Whether biomechanical, trauma or post-op; a rehab approach works best

Foot & Ankle

We have foot and ankle specialists based at each of our clinics

Biomechanics & Orthotics

3D Forceplate Tech combined with experts who know biomechanics


The treatment of choice for tendon & chronic soft-tissue injuries

Dry Needling

A powerful treatment tool in the hands of skilled physiotherapists

Isokinetic Dynamometry

Our clinic in UCD provides isokinetic test and rehabilitation services

Pilates Studio

Our Ashleaf clinic has a dedicated Physiotherapy Pilates Studio

Our Service in the Eyes of Our Patients

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